Wood Prints: Green or Not Green

Are our wood prints environmentally friendly?

As with everything when it comes to green credentials, it's complicated and you need to be aware of the whole picture. 

On the whole, we think our prints are not only better than other options (paper, metal or plastic) but if looked after in the right way can be a net positive and remove carbon from the atmosphere. 

Net Positive?

Our wood comes from FSC certified sources. This means the forests our wood is made from are managed in a sustainable way. Did you know when a tree gets to a certain age it stops growing so quickly and this leads to lower amounts of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere? 

In a well-managed man-made forest (like the ones we get our wood from) tree's are cut down in a regular and sustainable way and then new trees are planted to replace them. You then have two options with the cut-down trees;

1. Burn them for energy - This returns all the carbon to the air that the tree absorbed over its lifetime. You could think of this as carbon neutral (no additional carbon was added to the atmosphere over a short period of time).

2. Use the wood, replacing more traditional materials - This allows you to store the carbon as something useful for a period of time. The longer you keep the wood the longer you are storing the carbon. This is called carbon sequestration.


Carbon sequestration

This is one of the main environmental benefits of our wood pics. Each wood print you have on your walls (and we hope you'll keep them for 50 years or more) is storing carbon that would otherwise be in the atmosphere. 

The key here is to buy as many wood products as you can and then replace them when they are at the end of their life. 


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