1 x 3 Multi Tile Print

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Size is total size of all three tiles. So 120cm x 60cm would get you 3 tiles of 40cm x 60cm.

Create your own wood prints on 18mm birch ply-wood today. You'll get a unique and eco-friendly piece of art worthy of your walls.

Upload your photos and artwork now by simply pressing the upload button.

  • Your beautiful photos printed on wood will last a lifetime (if not longer). We provide a 10-year guarantee.

  • 18mm thick, natural wood grain, environmentally friendly, each print as unique as a fingerprint and is made in the UK

  • Perfect for any special occasion, wall art or desktop display. Each print has a slot on the back for wall hanging

  • HD White or Natural finishing options available. 

We have a team of expert designers who are more than happy to help you with your designs or photos. Just send them an email at art@woodprints.co.uk

We want you to get the best print possible, so we don't charge for photo touchups or design work and our design team personally reviews every order!

Your photos printed on wood

We are passionate about the environment; we have taken great care to ensure all our prints are eco-friendly and sustainable. We only use local FSC wood and do everything in-house to reduce transport miles. For more info read this.

Our state of the art printing process ensures a good quality and long-lasting print that won't fade, chip or crack over time. They can even stand up to splashes and spills (although we wouldn't recommend leaving them outside without varnish).

Easy to hang on the wall with slots on the reverse

Natural wood does not have the brilliance of standard white paper, any white in your photo will be replaced with the natural brown of the wood, this will give you a beautiful unique prints but can make prints look darker and dark prints look very dark. To avoid this choose HD White where a white undercoat is applied.

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