FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Print? What Exactly is a Photo Printed on Wood?

We get asked this question all of the time! Our answer is very simple, we take your digital pictures and, using our state of the art printers, print them directly on sustainable wood. We do not use white ink in our printing which allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to show through the print, particularly in the white and lighter colours within a picture. 

We use plywood for the majority of our prints.  Plywood is a great material for printing because every print is unique. No two sheets of plywood have the same grain signature, so every print becomes a unique piece of art. 

Our wood prints differ from other methods as we do not print the picture on paper first and then transfer the picture to the wood surface. 

How do I know if my artwork will look good printed on wood?

Another good question. We offer two finishes on the majority of our wood prints, natural grain and HD White.  It is important to get the finish right as the finish does affect the final outcome.

When selecting which finish to choose, you should consider the following:

Natural grain - when this finish is selected, the natural lines of the wood grain (including any imperfections) in the wood will show through, adding a level of warmth, depth and beauty to the wood print. You should also consider that:

  • We do not print with white ink, so any area in your picture that is white will be replaced by the natural colour of the wood.
  • Lighter colours will be more transparent and show more grain.
  • Darker colours like black and blues will print more opaque, show less wood grain and will darken.
  • Natural imperfections in the wood will be visible, wood is a natural product (please see natural imperfections below).

HD White - when this finish is selected, no wood grain will show through your image but you will still see the texture of the wood in the print, making it really stand out when printed. This finish is a perfect option for close up family photos, black and white photography, pictures where colour is important and fine art images.

What resolution do you recommend per size of print?

The bigger the file size the better! Try to send us original photos straight from your camera or phone, downloads from Facebook or Instagram tend to be low quality. We like to have all files to be 150 dpi (dots per inch) when scaled to the size you are ordering, but we can use files at 75 dpi (anything lower will look pixelated). One of our team will review  the resolution of your pictures before printing and let you know if there are any issues. 

Is my print checked before printing?

The resolution of all pictures is checked by one of our designers.  If we are concerned about any of your pictures we will email you.  We will not proceed with your order until we have received a response to this email.  Please note that text uploaded to the website is not checked, nor is the content of the image - it is your responsibility to ensure that these are correct.

Can you do Black and White prints? 

No problem. However, if you truly want Black and White you'll have to go for the HD White option, otherwise you'll have more of a Black and natural wood print, although we still love these!

Can I print more than one photo per piece of wood or the same image on multiple wood panels (ie. photo collage/montage)?

Yes, simply choose the size you want for each panel, upload the image, and then crop it to the desired area for each panel. You can print whatever you like on any one piece of wood. Additionally, if you need help with layout or want a professional eye to give a second opinion on your print, contact us for a design quote.

Natural Imperfections

Wood is a natural material and as a result some pieces of wood will have imperfections. We prefer real, natural wood. Real wood has beautiful imperfections, just like real people!

Not every piece of wood will have patches or streaks, but that doesn’t make it better or worse than parts that do. The patches do not affect the integrity or quality of the wood. The wood still stands up to our high quality standards, and is completely unique.  We do all that we can to ensure that any imperfections in each unique piece of wood are placed in a position on the picture where they will be least visible.

So when you see that patch on your picture, don’t say, “How ugly!” Instead, say, “This is real wood! It’s natural, and its flaws make it more beautiful" This natural wood reduces waste, helps save you money, and makes your environment more simple, natural, and ready to be lived in!

If you are still concerned about this contact us to discuss, or select the HD White option.

Are there ovals/shapes/streaks on your print? No worries!

There are some imperfections which fall within our quality standards. 

These ovals are patches where there was a knot in the wood that was filled during processing. They are a completely normal part of our materials.

These are similar patches, but in a different shape. Completely normal and nothing to worry about!

These are mineral streaks, which develop when the tree absorbs minerals from the soil. They’re most noticeable in light woods that are left unstained (like ours).

This wood is still high-quality and completely functional. The imperfections do not affect the integrity of the material in any way.


What are your shipping times?

Standard dispatch is typically 3-4 business days. Express delivery is typically 1-2 business days if ordered before 12PM on a business day.   Our business days are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We do not work Saturday and Sunday or national bank holidays so please bear this in mind when considering the timescales for your order - we don;'tt want to miss those special dates!

We dispatch most of our prints via Royal Mail or tracked next day courier services, where this is available.  Please note that next day delivery is not available to all parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland, Grampia, the Highlands of Scotland and all offshore islands. Delivery can be additional 3-4 business days to these locations.  

Once your wood print leaves us the delivery time is out of our hands.  Any queries regarding delivery after dispatch should be addressed to the courier - we will have sent you a tracking number to help you with this!

There are some things which can delay dispatch, some of these are listed below:

  • Issues with artwork - the resolution of all pictures is checked by one of our designers.  If we are concerned about any of your pictures we will email you.  We will not proceed with your order until we have received a response to this email.  Please note that text uploaded to the website is not checked, nor is the content of the image - it is your responsibility to ensure that these are correct.
  • Designs which include maps - these need to be checked with you prior to printing.  We will email you about this. We will not proceed with your order until we have received a response to this email. 
  • Custom sizes - up to two additional business days.  
  • Custom fixtures and fixings - up to two additional business days.  
  • Varnishing - up to two additional business days.
  • Coloured sides - up to two additional business days.
  • Delays with supplies - our suppliers are great, but sometimes deliveries to us are delayed, particularly at the moment with the Brexit and Covid situations.  We are in daily contact with our suppliers but some times delays are unavoidable.

If you do have a specific date that you need your print for, please let us know in the notes section of your order and we will do what we can to help.

If I order gift wrap how will my order be wrapped? 

If you order gift wrap with your order your print will be wrapped with either recycled paper (in the case of brown paper wrapping) or paper sourced from sustainable forests (in the case of personalised wrapping paper).

We prefer the personal touch, so if you send a gift message with your order, this will be handwritten and not printed.  If you do not send a gift message we will include a blank tag with the order for you to write your own - please remember to remove the tag from the top of the parcel before you write it to ensure that you do not damage the print inside!

How do I hang my print on the wall? 

We cut a key hole shaped slot into the back of every print, you can use this to hang the print on a nail or a hook. 

Can you do custom sizes & shapes? 

Yes we do! For pricing on custom sizes just get in touch sales@woodprints.co.uk.

Can you do discounts on bulk orders or for trade?

In some cases, yes! Just get in touch, sales@woodprints.co.uk for pricing information. 

Do you work with artists? 

Yes we do, we are happy to supply samples to artists and photographers. Just get in touch, sales@woodprints.co.uk, with more details of your project. 


Prints on Wood - Care Instructions:

How do I take care of a wood print?

Taking care of a wood print is as easy as taking care of any other piece of fine art. Make sure to use only a damp, 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when wiping off your print. Do not get it wet, scratch, or wipe the front with abrasive materials. Do not expose the piece to fire or any other damaging substance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us before you make a purchase online.

Does the ink smear or run if it gets wet?

No. Due to our durable printing method, water will not smear your ink. There is the possibility, however, that the ink may smear if you expose it to harsh cleaning chemicals or any other liquid besides water. Be sure to use only use a damp 100% cotton or microfiber cloth when wiping dust off your prints.